HOOLIGAN ALLEY HANGOUT with Specks Thompson and 3 other creators

This week we are back with 4 creators that I can't wait to talk to and get to know them and their comic book projects. Curtis "Specks" Thompson - "Legacy of the View" #1-3 (Legacy of The View is a Shonen style American Comic book. Legacy of The View Takes place in Jawaga (pronounced Georgia) and it follows a high school sophomore named Chaz Johnson, who is an aspiring music engineer and baseball player.) Vera Sam - "Podcasters vs the Supernatural - Catch The Crazees" #3 (After Sam goes into the woods to summon the help of the universe, he encounters a very interesting and odd character. What he doesn't realize, is that this "character", comes with baggage. The baggage in question comes in the form of little creatures who are just a little bit crazee!) Mike Shea - "Miskatonic High - Issue 11 : Reflections Out Of Time" (The teens go back to the ancient time of the 1990s, but can they avoid a time stalker long enough to learn the secrets the past holds?) And... Ben Gordon - "Red Ridding Hood" (A supernatural comic that follows the story of a monster hunter named Red, as she travels to learn about her mysterious past) As long as he dosen't hurt himself this time...lol Be sure to join us at 9pm est and talk some comics, life, and whatever you want to talk about.